What Should Be On Your Vehicle Wrap?

If the wrap is going on a company vehicle, there are a few things that should NOT be left out! It’s important to get the most out of your wrap by drawing in attention and giving the people that see your wrap a good idea about your business and what you do. Here are some things that should definitely be on a wrap for your company vehicle:

1.  Logo

First and foremost, your logo must be on your wrap. This is crucial to helping build your brand and increase brand recognition. Your logo obviously consists of your business name so viewers will be able to tell who you are. It’s important to display your logo large so that it is easily readable and makes an impact on viewers.

2. Contact Information

Many people driving down the road will need your services or products. So, when they see your company wrap, they may even want to contact you right then. It’s important to display your contact information on your wrap, including phone number, email address and website so that viewers can call you immediately or look you up online to learn more later.

3. What You Do

Generally your logo with indicate what you do, but having a clear display of what your business offers will help to capture attention and get people to take the next step. Using a combination of graphics and words to display the services and/or products your company offers will help to convey the message of what you provide.

The three most important things that a wrap should do for a business are to tell viewers who you are, what you do and how to contact you! At Crystal Coast Graphics, we are pleased to be your full service wrap solution. We work with our clients and their brand logo and images to establish a unique, custom wrap design. Then, we print our wraps in-house using the highest quality printers available and our certified installers provide top notch installation. To learn more about how your company can benefit from a wrap or to get started on your custom wrap, call us today!

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